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Gems en Vogue "Carnaval"Multi Gemstone Adjustable Slide Bracelet

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About This Product

This exquisite Gems En Vogue bracelet features multi gemstone. Crafted of palladium silver with a beautifully-constructed undergallery and 18k yellow gold-embraced detailing, this bracelet shines with a highly polished finish.

    Product Details

    Chrome Diopside: One pear cut 5 x 3mm

    Citrine: One pear cut 5 x 3mm

    African Amethyst: Two oval cut 5 x 3mm and two round cut 3mm

    Peridot: One baguette step cut 5 x 3mm, one marquise cut 5.0 x 2.5mm and one round cut 3mm

    London Blue Topaz: One marquise cut 5.0 x 2.5mm

    Mozambique Garnet: One square cut 4mm

    Swiss Blue Topaz: Two square cut 4mm

    Green Apatite: One round cut 3mm

    Mocha Zircon: One round cut 3mm

    Tanzanite: Two round cut 3mm

    Blue Apatite: Two round cut 3mm

    Yellow Sapphire: One round cut 3mm

    Blue Sapphire: One round cut 2mm

    Orange Sapphire: One round cut 2mm

    Pink Sapphire: One round cut 2mm

    Mozambique Ruby: One round cut 2mm

    Approximate Total Weight:

    • Chrome Diopside: 0.20ct
    • Citrine: 0.18ct
    • African Amethyst: 0.62ct
    • Peridot: 0.59ct
    • London Blue Topaz: 0.13ct
    • Mozambique Garnet: 0.05ct
    • Swiss Blue Topaz: 0.75ct
    • Green Apatite: 0.03ct
    • Mocha Zircon: 0.22ct
    • Tanzanite: 0.08ct
    • Blue Apatite: 0.06ct
    • Yellow Sapphire: 0.14ct
    • Blue Sapphire: 0.05ct
    • Orange Sapphire: 0.05ct
    • Pink Sapphire: 0.05ct
    • Mozambique Ruby: 0.41ct

    Metal: 18K gold embraced sterling silver and palladium

  • Measurements:
    • 9"L x 7/16"W x 3/16"H (Length is adjustable with a maximum opening of 9")
  • Metal Weight:
    • 13 grams
  • Bracelet Closure: Sliding Tubular

    Origin: Canada