Meet the Team

Get to know the Gems en Vogue family



David Hennick has been in the jewelry industry for 40+ years. He started his career managing the floor of the 100+ jeweler manufacturing plant. David started travelling overseas 25 years ago buying gemstones and dealing with manufacturers. David’s travels have taken him to gemstone cutting factories and manufacturing facilities in Thailand, India, and China. He annually attends shows in Hong Kong, Thailand and Tucson. His goal is find the best quality gemstones, at the best possible price, in the highest quality setting for his customers.


VP of Marketing and Communications

Karrie has worked in a variety of capacities at Nathan Hennick & Co. on and off since 1988. Karrie was working at Nathan Hennick when the Gems En Vogue brand was born and has proudly watched it grow for 22 years. For the past 6 ½ years she has been the VP of Marketing and Communications. Karrie’s diverse marketing background combined with her love of gemstone jewelry made her the ideal candidate to manage our marketing initiatives. Karrie looks forward to premiering our “brand ambassador” program, contest planning, deal of the week promotions and additional engaging initiatives for the Gems En Vogue brand.

Michael Valitutti

Graduate Gemologist

Michael Valitutti is a graduate gemologist having worked for 40 years in the jewellery business (he started in March 1980).  Michael joined Nathan Hennick & Co in 1985.  Since 1997 he has appeared on Shopping Channels in Canada, Australia, England, Dubai, Japan and the United States, bringing the Gems En Vogue collection of premium gemstones set in silver palladium to audiences around the world.  Michael has travelled around the world in search of precious and semi-precious rare and exotic gemstones, visited major mines and attended gems shows globally, for our collection.

Paul Deasy

Graduate Gemologist

Paul Deasy is an Accredited Jewelry Professional with the Gemological Institute of America. His experience in the gemstone business began in his early days as a TV shopping host and has since taken him to mines and factories around the world. Paul is thrilled to partner with a tremendous manufacturer Nathan Hennick & Co on alongside his friend Michael Valitutti.


Jewelry Cad Designer

Eugenia combines a flair for artistic design and technical expertise in jewelry creation. Her ability to turn her vision into a stunningly beautiful, unique piece that will light up a room is unsurpassed. Eugenia graduated with a degree in Jewelry Design at OCAD. Combined with 18 years of experience, she has developed creative and professional skills that make her an invaluable asset to Hennick & Co as a trusted designer for the Gems En Vogue brand. Fun Fact: Eugenia designed the Carnaval collection.


Jewelry Designer

Tina gained her undergraduate honours degree from the University of Toronto in Art History, and then went back to school to George Brown for a diploma in Jewelry Arts. The combination of History and Design provides Tina with the knowledge of influential art movements and the ability to translate those periods into statement pieces. Tina has the ability to put pencil to paper and bring her vision to life. Tina has been an integral part of the GEV design team for the past 7 years. Fun Fact: Tina mainly focused on Floral collections as she is inspired by her love of flowers.


GIA Gemologist

Kathy is a certified Gemologist who graduated from the Gemological Institute of America. Kathy has travelled around the world: China, India, Thailand, Hong Kong and Tucson, just to name a few places sourcing, buying and sorting gemstones. Kathy has been the primary gemstone sorter for the Gems En Vogue collection for over 7 years. Kathy's extensive knowledge, attention to detail and expertise in the coloured gemstone field ensures the quality and match of each and every gemstone in your Gems En Vogue piece.


Strategic consultant

Justin recently graduated from his MBA at the Ivey School of Business.  Prior to his MBA, Justin completed his law degree and worked in field of consulting.  As a strategic consultant, Justin provides insights and assists with the direction of Gems En Vogue’s digital offering. Justin’s experience in a variety of industries allows him to advise on sales, operations, marketing, and legal matters.  Justin is excited to join the new digital era of Nathan Hennick and Company.


Jeweler & Adminstrator

Samantha is a graduate from George Brown College’s Jewelry program and has worked with the Gems En Vogue team for many years. She works directly with the designers, stone sourcing and manufacturing to ensure that the Gems En Vogue vision comes to life. Samantha works closely with each team to help develop our upcoming gemstone themes and design stories. Samantha has an avid love for Pilates and walking her mini dachshund named Yetta.


Product Coordinator

Purvi is the Product Coordinator at Gems en Vogue. She has worked with Gems En Vogue for over 10 years. Purvi works closely with the design and sales teams to develop new jewelry collections. In addition, Purvi manages production with our overseas vendors ensuring optimum product quality. Besides being a passionate jeweler, Purvi enjoys reading, painting and travelling.


Customer Service Representative

Jennifer was born and raised in Moncton, NB and moved to Toronto in 1996. Since March 1999, Jennifer has been working at Nathan Hennick & Co as the Customer Service Representative for Gems En Vogue. Jennifer’s contact name is on the back of each and every romance card as your primary contact for all GEV service inquiries (and yes, she does answer the phone!). Jennifer can be reached by phone at 1-800-268-7962 or email at


Quality Control Manager

Our QC team has been working in the jewelry industry with Nathan Hennick for over 40 years. Chit and her QC team are our quality control specialists ensuring that we can take pride in each and every piece that leaves the factory. Their eye for detail and knowledge of the brand’s styling and quality have been honed over their career with the GEV brand. Not a piece leaves our facility without their stamp of approval.


Master Setter

Ken learned the jewelry trade from his father who owned a retail store and at 9 years old, he cut his first rubber mold. Ken has worked with the Hennick family for over 35 years – he has been with the Gems En Vogue collection since day 1. As a second generation setter, Ken has honed his expertise and set over 1,000,000 stones in his lifetime from rare and unique gemstones to your classic round brilliant cut diamond. Ken takes great pride in every stone that he sets – including that in his daughter’s recent engagement ring.


Master Jeweler

Since 1997 Zohrab has been working internationally as a Jeweler. Zohrab is a true artisan whose love of jewelry is evident in his dedication to ensuring each piece he works on is a piece of art. Zohrab takes great pride in his role in the craftsmanship of each Gems En Vogue piece. His skills include: goldsmithing, stone setting, lost wax casting, polishing and so much more!


E-commerce Administrator

Hui is an e-commerce administrator at Gems en Vogue. Hui is responsible for editing, managing and uploading of jewelry specifications on the website, providing you with accurate comprehensive details on each piece. Hui's knowledge of the components of each piece is vast (and growing!). Fun Fact: Hui likes cooking , hiking and travelling.


E-commerce Administrator

Shan is the E-Commerce Administrator for Shan adds over 100 new pieces every day to our site. Shan creates, uploads and manages various categories of Jewelry products across the site. In addition to this, Shan keeps an close eye on new product launches and assists in managing the inventory. She ensures the accuracy of the product information to improve customers' shopping experience.


Quality Control Specialist

Connie has been with Nathan Hennick and Company for 23 years as a quality control specialist ensuring that we can take pride in each and every piece that leaves the factory.  Connie has an exceptional eye for matched gemstones.  Connie’s daughter worked alongside her Mother during summer break, impressed by her mother’s extensive gemstone and jewellery knowledge.


Inventory Control

Since 2009 Jovie has worked in our inventory control department.  Jovie spends her day in the vault (an actual bank vault) fulfilling orders and updating our inventory.  Jovie’s knowledge of each style, tens of thousands over the year, by number is unmatched.  Jovie is the mother of two young daughters who on professional development days love to come work with their Mother.



Winnie joined the Hennick several years ago, managing our accounting department.  Winnie expertise has been honed over 20 years working for Canadian retailers.  Winnie spends her free time exercising and enjoying the outdoors.


Shipping & Receiving

Virgie has been working at Nathan Hennick & Company for over 10 years.  Virgie has been managing the shipping and receiving team ensuring that your parcels arrive in a timely fashion.  Virgie’s favorite gemstone, which happens to be her birthstone is Peridot.   She also maintains a beautiful garden and her favorite flower is the Rio Dipladenia (in red).


Full Stack Web Developer

A note from the President: The Gems En Vogue site was built by NLY Media. Justin has been a pleasure to work with. His professionalism and knowledge assisted us greatly in creating the site. This could not have happened without his expertise. Justin has been an invaluable asset to the team.