Michael’s Originals are pieces designed over 20 years ago when Gems En Vogue first got its start. These pieces are made without under galleries as the gold they were representing as models didn’t need it. We have now set these one-of-a-kind silver sample pieces with exquisite exotic precious unique gemstones. We can’t wait for you to see these incredible pieces.

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    Dallas Prince

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    Dallas PrinceDallas Prince One of a KindGems en VogueGEV One of a KindMen's En VogueMichael's OriginalsPaul Deasy GemstonesSignitySignity SteelSuite Deal by MichaelUnited Designers
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    Michael's Originals
    Paul Deasy Gemstones
    Signity Steel
    Suite Deal by Michael
    Gems en VogueUnited Designers

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