Chic Gifts Every Host Will Appreciate This Thanksgiving

This year, don't just bring wine to your Thanksgiving feast; surprise your favourite host with a gift they'll use for any occasion! 

Jewellery is by far considered as one of the best options and when you add a gemstone to it everything becomes just perfect!

You can gift them their birthstone or a small pair of earrings. Gems En Vogue provides you with a great variety to choose from. Our range starts from $29 and you can find a great variety of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and charms for your loved ones.

1. Gift them Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds 

Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds are one of the most loved and sought after when it comes to gifting.

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Emerald’s lush green has soothed souls and excited imaginations since antiquity. Its name comes from the ancient Greek word for green, “smaragdus.” Rome’s Pliny the Elder described emerald in his Natural History, published in the first century AD: “…nothing greens greener” was his verdict.

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For centuries, ruby has been revered for its captivating colour and sparkle. It is called 'ratnaraj' in Sanskrit, which translates to 'king of gems'. You can literally never go wrong with rubies.

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This marvelous gem has enamoured people for centuries with its sheer brilliance, and also has many interesting folklores attached to it. For instance, people in the middle ages often wore sapphires as a talisman to ward off negative energies. Persian mythology has a rather interesting take on this gem. It says that the earth balanced on top of a gigantic sapphire and its reflection gave the sky its blue colour. The pink version of this jewel also comes with many legends. It is compared to the lotus flower by ancient Asians to bring focus to this gem's beauty, wisdom and purity. Throughout history, pink sapphires have been considered as symbols of love.

2. Gift them beautiful Charms

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Wanna shop under budget? Charms are one of the best items of jewellery that you can pick up. Gems En Vogue offers an exhaustive range to choose from. 

3. Gift them Gold

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Nothing can beat Gold when it comes to exclusivity and value. Gems En Vogue offers an entire range of beautiful gold jewellery that's not only beautiful but also adds to your wealth. Gold has always been the best gifts ever for your special ones. Why not go the old school way and gift gold jewellery this Thanksgiving?

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