Best of Modern Birthstones!

Looking for that perfect gift?! We've complied a list of our best birthstone pieces to add a personal touch to every present you give! 


  Although there have been many birthstone charts throughout history, with changes in stones due to how rare some gemstones have become. We're featuring the perfect gift guide based on the modern birthstone chart!

Want to know how the traditional and modern birthstone charts different? Take a look below! 

traditional and modern birthstone chart


1. January—Garnet

The name 'Garnet', comes from the Latin word meaning 'pomegranate' as smaller cuts of the stone resemble the deep red color of the seeds of the fruit. It's meant to bring love, luck, health, loyalty and friendship to those who are born in this month.

gems en vogue 7.48ctw tanzanian hessonite garnet & white zircon ring          Gems en Vogue 7.56ctw Mozambique Garnet Cluster Pendant          Gems en Vogue 2.64ctw Multi Shape Garnet Chandelier Earrings


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2. FebruaryAmethyst

Amethyst comes in many colors and shades, with the most popular being the true, deep purple Amethyst. The name 'Amethyst' stems from the ancient Greek word that means 'sober'. It's recognized as the stone of peace, and is said to bring its wearer courage!

Gems en Vogue 1.93ctw Radiant Blue Amethyst & White Zircon Halo Ring     Gems en Vogue 2.20ctw Round Ametista do Sul Amethyst Stud Earrings.    Gems en Vogue 11.82ctw Namibian Amethyst & Multi Gemstones Flower Hoop Earrings


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3. MarchAquamarine

The name Aquamarine stems from two ancient Latin words: 'Aqua' meaning 'water' and 'Marina' meaning 'ocean'. The color of the stone is often used in reference of large bodies of crystal-clear blue water, and in ancient times was believed to protect sailors during their long voyages across the unknown seas.

Gems en Vogue 2.1ctw Aquamarine & Sky Blue Topaz Pendant     Gems en Vogue 2.00ctw Tanzanian Aquamarine Bypass Cuff Bracelet     Gems en Vogue 3.45ctw Aquamarine & White Zircon Drop Earrings


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4. AprilDiamond

Diamonds are the traditional and modern birthstone for the month of April. The name stems from the ancient Greek word 'Adamas' meaning 'invincible'. The coveted stone is is meant to bring better relationships and increase inner strength to the wearer.

 Gems en Vogue 0.36ctw Diamond Hexagon Flower Ring     Gems en Vogue Diamond Cluster Scrollwork Station Line Bracelet     Gems en Vogue 0.37ctw Diamond Double-Row Hoop Earrings


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5. MayEmerald

Emerald is derived from the ancient Greek word 'Smaragdus', which translates to 'green', and it's quite the fitting name! The May birthstone of Emerald symbolizes youth, fortune and foresight to its wearer!

Gems en Vogue Choice of Length Emerald  & White Zircon Line Bracelet     Gems en Vogue 2.40ctw Step Cut Zambian Emerald Huggie Hoop Earrings     Gems en Vogue 0.84ctw Oval Zambian Emerald & Diamond Halo Ring


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6. JunePearl

June is one of two months in the year (the other being December) that has three different birthstone options: Pearls, Alexandrite and Moonstone. Pearls are June's modern, and most popular birthstone. A timeless gemstone, Pearls symbolize wisdom, protection, loyalty and dedication! 

Gems en Vogue Freshwater Cultured Pearl 3-Strand Necklace     Gems en Vogue 13.94ctw Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Zircon Earrings     Gems en Vogue Pink Mother-of-Pearl, Conch Shell & Multi Gemstone Cuff Bracelet


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7. JulyRuby

The name 'Ruby' comes from the Latin word 'Rubeus' which translates to red. Ruby started to become a popular name for girls during the late Victorian era. It's thought that the deeper red a Ruby is, the more love and passion it will bring to its wearer!

Gems en Vogue Oval Cut Untreated Ruby Double Row Band Eternity Ring     Gems en Vogue 22.51ctw Mozambique Untreated Ruby Two-Row Line Bracelet     Gems en Vogue 1.34ctw Oval Shaped Mozambique Ruby Stud Earrings


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8. AugustPeridot

Peridot is a word of Arabic origin, translating to "a green gemstone". Peridot symbolizes strength, and it's actually believed that Cleopatra's Emerald collection was actually a collection of Peridot stones!

 Gems en Vogue 2.24ctw Marquise Peridot & White Zircon Drop Earrings     Gems en Vogue Oval & Round Peridot Tennis Bracelet     Gems en Vogue 7.60ctw Marquise Cut Peridot Y-Necklace


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9. SeptemberSapphire

The name Sapphire comes from the Latin word 'Saphirus' and the Greek word 'Sapheiros', both which translate to 'blue'. It's said to encourage wisdom and clear thinking to those who wear it. In modern history, Blue Sapphire's are most famously known from Princess Diana's iconic engagement ring.

Gems en Vogue 1.87ctw Royal Blue Sapphire & White Zircon Bypass Ring     Gems en Vogue 2.32ctw Royal Blue Sapphire & White Zircon Earrings     Gems en Vogue 1.28ctw Nigerian Mabira Blue Sapphire & White Zircon Necklace


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10. OctoberTourmaline

Tourmaline's name is derived from the Sinhalese word 'Turmali' which translated to "stone with mixed colors". This is because when Tourmaline are found, there are often multiple colors within one single crystal!

Gems en Vogue 1.72ctw Pink Tourmaline Crossover Chevron Ring     Gems en Vogue 2.46ctw Pink Tourmaline Diamond Cut Pendant     Gems en Vogue 2.82ctw Pink Tourmaline & White Zircon Cluster Stud Earrings


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11. NovemberCitrine

Citrine, derived from the Latin word 'Citrina' for 'yellow' symbolizes love and affection. Throughout history, it's been recognized as the "sun stone" as it was thought to be capable of holding the sun due to its citrus yellow color!

Gems en Vogue 13.80ctw Madeira Citrine 3-Stone Honker Ring     Gems en Vogue 5.60ctw Ametista Madeira Citrine & White Zircon Earrings     Gems en Vogue 14K Gold 5.20ctw Madeira & Golden Citrine Pendant


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12. DecemberTopaz

The final birthstone in our list is Topaz! The name stems from the Greek word 'Topazion' which translates roughly to 'fire'. In some cultures, it's believed that wearing blue topaz above your heart is said to bring you long life, beauty and intelligence.

Gems en Vogue 12.93ctw Pear Shaped London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring     Gems en Vogue 4.54ctw Paraiba Topaz & Dark Sky Blue Topaz Earrings     Gems en Vogue 9.42ctw London Blue Topaz & White Zircon Pendant 

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