Behind the Gemstone: Fine AAA Royal Blue Sapphire from Kanchanaburi Thailand

A behind-the scenes look into where our brand new, AAA Blue Sapphire comes from!


  The color in blue sapphire is caused by two transitional elements of Iron and Titanium. When these two elements are well-balanced, you get a brilliant and highly coveted corn flower blue hue. Too much iron leaves the stone too dark, inky blue and is relatively unattractive. Unfortunately, planet Earth has an abundance of Iron, so finding a mine site that has less iron and more titanium is difficult. But, the mine located Kanchanaburi in Thailand fits the bill perfectly..

Kanchanaburi Thailand Blue Sapphire Mine
A photo from my trip to the Kanchanaburi mine in Thailand.


  I had the pleasure of visiting this open pit mine a few years ago and immediately, I could see that the ground was not too dark, but more tan in color (the dark color of the ground is often caused by iron) . I was also struck by the quality of blue sapphire coming from this could see the blue hue in the raw crystals as they were being washed and separated from the gravel. 

sorting of raw blue sapphire gemstone from Kanchanaburi Thailand
 A photo of myself, sorting the Royal Blue Sapphire from the mine.


  This mine is truly unique because it produces mainly blue sapphire while many other sapphire deposits render a wide variety of sapphire colors. This is a secondary deposit which means the sapphire was formed up in the neighboring hills (that were once large mountains) and travelled down into this valley due to erosion over a period of 60 to 100 million years. This is the reason as to why we do not find larger stones at this site but we do find cleaner material with fewer inclusions.

raw royal blue sapphire from Kanchanaburi, Thailand
 Raw Blue Sapphire from the Kanchanaburi mine.


  During the Tucson gem show in Arizona in February 2020, I met with a large gem dealer who specializes in sapphire and ruby. I was able to make an outstanding deal for these limited parcels of ultra fine, AAA blue sapphire that rivals the best Ceylon or Burmese sapphire (but are a fraction of the cost). Let me be clear...this is the best quality blue sapphire for the money I have offered in almost ten years...the stones are outstanding.

In today’s world, this color at this price is virtually impossible to get...enjoy this rare treat.


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