Behind the Gemstone: Fine, AAA Ruby from the Montepuez Ruby Mine

  With the release of our brand new AAA Ruby Collection, I wanted to give you an insight as to why these rubies are so special (and why I'm so excited to be able to share them with you in the brand new collection)! 

  The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) called the Montepuez deposit located in Mozambique “A Ruby discovery for the 21st Century” with good reason!  The quality and quantity of ruby from this deposit in Mozambique, is absolutely fantastic, and is some of the best I’ve seen in my 40 year career.  

Montepuez Ruby Mine (image accessed via
Montepuez Ruby Mine (image accessed via Gemfields)


  The mine is an open pit surface mining operation. It has two primary areas of mining (though this is constantly in flux as the deposit is rich).  The two general areas provide two different colors of ruby.

  The primary deposit area is called Maninge Nice. This ruby rough has sharper edges and has a brighter red, slightly pinkish hue due to the fact it has less iron content (you can see the coloring in Image 1,  we used these rubies for our brand new pear-shaped ring). The secondary deposit has ruby rough that is darker and richer, it has more of a pure red hue-think "candy apple" red (you can see that deep red-hue below, in Image 2, we use the secondary deposit rubies in our brand new highway ring).

Maninge Nice Ruby AAA Montepuez Ruby

Image 1: Maninge Nice Ruby     Image 2: Secondary Deposit Ruby


  The GIA classifies all colored gems into three clarity groups depending on the gem species, and the natural propensity for internal inclusions. Ruby is classified as a Type II gemstone, which means there are usually inclusions in the gemstones. In the gem industry, when we say triple A, we are highlighting that the gem has better than expected clarity and color; combine that with a degree of affordability (like the new pieces on in our AAA Ruby collection) and you have a real find on your hands. Why? Because rarely do all these stars align perfectly.

  During the 2020 Tucson show I had an amazing opportunity to acquire the most magnificent ruby at terrific prices. Tucson, for those that don’t know, is the largest loose colored gem show in the world held in early February and is often the place gem dealers go to sell their inventory after the holiday season. This is why I have this incredible jewelry set with super fine ruby at crazy low prices...but like all good things this deal is limited.


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